Tuesday, December 12, 2017

3 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

OK guys, you may not be too bothered about Xmas presents now that you have grown up. But women really appreciate nice gifts. For women a gift can symbolize your appreciation, respect and devotion. What I am saying is that it can have deep emotional feelings which can either leave your girlfriend feeling loved and special, or if you don't bother to get something nice it could leave her feeling unwanted or unloved.

The number 1 Christmas gift for your girlfriend is not jewelry. You may think it would be a good idea, but unless you are making a statement, such as taking the relationship to a new level, or proposing marriage, I would leave jewelry out of it. Some of my girlfriends have had mixed emotions when receiving jewelry as they try to figure out whay ot means.

You can also ignore clothes- women love to buy and then take back clothes. Females don't make snap descisions like men, so don't risk getting something which may be wrong. Also skip decorations and anything else for the home like appliances, paintings and vases. The only exception would be a nice plant, which would symbolize a blooming relationship which is thriving. 

The number 1 Christmas gift for your girlfriend is perfume 

Every woman loves perfume. Let's assume you don't know which perfumes she likes. You try going to a perfume store and smell a few, but it just confuses you. You think about just buying a brand that looks expensive, but that would be a mistake!

When shopping for perfume there are now stores which will help you decide on the perfect fragrance. For example JizanPerfumes.com who are based in Dubai, which also means they are affordable despite the international shipping costs.

Get in touch through email or the phone and don't be afraid to ask for advice. Based on certain attributes the store will recommend a perfume which is perfect. When your girlfriend smells this possibly unique perfume, which she may not know, she will be delighted. Remember, it is the thought that counts, so putting in a little extra time will pay dividends when you want to impress your girlfriend.

Jizan Perfumes
Perfume is a great choice, but don't just buy any fragrance. Use a company who can offer advice such as Jizan Perfumes

The number 2 Xmas gift for girlfriends is an "experience"

Make your girlfriend feel special by purchasing her a luxury spa treatment or a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. There are many "experiences" services now, offering all sorts of activities. Just be sure not to pick one which is really for you, like go-karting or paintballing.

You could book a single spa treatment or make over, or a couples activity like a fancy dinner date or even a weekend away in the countryside. She will not have received a gift like this before so it will be greatly appreciated and you are setting up a good situation for time together.

The 3rd best Christmas gift for the woman in your life is a holiday

Women love to whisked off their feet by a man who knows what he wants and if she is into it too, perfect. Therefore you will need to be a little sneaky for this expensive Christmas gift. Ask her work colleagues when her holiday time is booked for, check with her family and friends if she has any plans. If not you have the world as your oyster. Book a romantic holiday together where you will be spending a week together.

Where to book the holiday depends on where you live, but 2 great options are at a skiing resort, where you can learn to ski together. Alternatively, everyone loves a paradise beach holiday. Pay the extra for the honeymoon suite, or delux room and ask the hotel to lay flowers on the bed when you arrive, a single rose will do.

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