Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Website Lists Manchester Salsa Calssses

In the past few months I have been salsa dancing in Manchester. I love it! I am losing weight, it helps with insomnia and I am meeting lots of new friends. One of whom is Dan: he has just opened a site which collects all the different classes and socials in one place and lists them: Salsa Classes Manchester

The thing with salsa is that you meet so many people. I am quite happy to go alone, which is unusual for me (I used to have social phobia). It is certainly a past time which I recommend to anyone. In fact it was my parents in their mid 60s who got me to go (after many years cajoling). There are people there in their late teens and early twenties too. I am somewhere in the middle :P

Anyway that is all today- I really just wanted to recommend the Manchester Salsa website as it has everything in one place. And to recommend salsa dancing to anyone everywhere. It is really is fun and great if you are a bit unsociable like me- it is the easiest way I know of to socialize.

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