Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Favorite Gadgets

Not got much to post about this week so here are my favorite gadgets and why...

1- iPad Air
I am in love with my slimline iPad Air. Previously I had the Mini which was nice but too small for many uses. I did have the original iPad but it was too big and heavy. The iPad Air keeps the same screen size but the weight and size is improved massively.

For me this is the absolute best tablet. I've tried various Android tablets and none come close to the iPad in terms of quality and user experience. Everything runs so smoothly (for the most part) and it just looks and feels great.

Some apps do crash on me quite often so hopefully this will be something fixed with the forthcoming iOS8. My other gripes are that you can't play all video files on this tablet (unlike with Android) and the price hikes for more storage are extortionate, so I stuck with the tiny 16GB version.

2- Macbook Air
I am also in love with my other Apple gadget. The Macbook Air is also a very slim and lightweight device. Fart superior to the plastic, cheap feel of Windows based laptops I have used. Again the screen is great and Apple's OSX operating system just seems to run more smoothly than Windows.

I bought the most recent version which has an amazing battery life. Perfect for when traveling or when I simply want to work outside. The storage space is quite low so an external hard drive is required. Something that I needed to get used to, but am happy with as it means I get the excellent design and performance.

3- Sony RX100 II
I recently got into photography and this camera is awesome. I originally got a DSLR (the ones professional photographers have), but it was so big and heavy that I left it at home too much. The RX100 is almost as good quality as a DSLR for photos and video and it is small enough to fit in jeans pockets.

This camera allows me to transfer photos with wifi which is something I love. I transfer the photos to my iPad and can then edit them on it using iPhoto. It is a very convenient way of editing photos and then sharing them to Flickr and Facebook.

Sony have just announced a third version of this awesome camera so I guess it will soon be time to upgrade. Once I find a product I'm happy with I tend to stick with it. I am sure I will be doing the same with the iPad Air and the Macbook Air.

4- Skia Sweetspot Trainer
This is the only gadget in the list which isn't electronic, but I love these ski training blocks. Like most skiers I am lucky to get away to the slopes once a year. It used to be that I was very rusty for the first couple of days on the slopes.

The Skia training blocks can be used at home and help to improve muscle memory. So a few weeks before my ski holiday I start using them to help my muscles remember the balancing "sweetspot". They are really easy to use and help me get in shape before a holiday. I suspect they are also good for using those muscles that you use in your legs for skiing as I have noticed less muscle ache too.

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