Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bucket List Ideas

Recently I have been reading up on bucket list ideas because I want to make sure I have as many amazing experiences as possible. Over the years I have done some pretty cool stuff and visited some amazing places. However I recently have been getting the feeling that I am not doing enough with work always taking priority.

Here are a few things which have inspired me and been added to my bucket list

Wing Suit Jumping

Sky diving has always been one of those things I just have to do one day. It has always been top of my bucket list, until I saw wing suit base jumping. It is the closest thing to flying and looks like a wonderful experience. Check it out in the video below, there are lots more to see on Youtube.


Rock Climbing and Base Jumping (Freebasing)

I love the idea of climbing up a massive wall and then just jumping off at the top. Freebasing in the video below means you actually climb the top part without any safety gear. This means if you fall it turns into a base jump. Very dangerous but very exciting. Not sure if this bucket list idea will become a reality for me but it sure looks fun.

Dean Potter - FREE BASE - Rock Climbing, Base Jumping, Slack Line from anthonyi on Vimeo.

Swimming with whale sharks

I know that swimming with dolphins is more popular but swimming with a much larger fish, in fact the largest fish, just sounds like more fun to me. I really hope to try this one someday. Apparently the whale sharks are completely harmless.

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