Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Recently I have been enjoying photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, looking at party themes. In case you don't know these websites, they are social networking but just for photos. There are hours to be spent browsing any subject you want and parties are represented well.

I decided to make a post about different types of party and then post the themes I would use for each one. So here goes...

Boy's birthdays

It has to be a superhero theme. I got the idea for this via Pinch Me Events photos on Instagram. They had recently done a Spiderman party, but you could choose any superhero. I think my Daniel would choose Captain America or Iron Man. Everyone loves to dress up and if girls are attending there is a smaller selection of female superheros to choose from.

Girl's birthdays

It has to be pink and a fairy party would certainly work well for a pink theme. Most young girls love fairies. You can dress them up with wings and wands. Having arts and crafts would go well with this theme. This theme would alienate any boys attending so you might need to find a partner them if this is the case.

Teenagers birthdays

This is a much more difficult choice as teenagers' tastes vary so much. I would be wary about using a strong theme in case it wasn't deemed cool enough. Probably better to concentrate on choosing music they would like and a subtle theme based on interested such as bands they like or hobbies.

Adult birthdays

This is the one I had a lot of fun looking at. There are so many options to choose from. A popular choice seems to be Hollywood style parties where everyone dresses like a famous movie star. One which looks like a lot of fun for something a little different is a murder mystery party. My own choice would be a retro party. It gives everyone a chance to really let their hair down and enjoy some golden oldies from the past.

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