Sunday, March 30, 2014

Counselling for expats in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a large expat population. It is a great place for international business and property prices are some of the highest in the entire world. Hong Kong has a thriving community of expats with many restaurants and other businesses catering just for this crowd. The city is particularly popular with British expats who work there. Many of these people have busy work lives and all of the usual problems that anyone else might have such as relationship or confidence issues. In fact these problems are likely to be multiplied by being away from home. Without a base of close friends and family, personal issues can become a bigger problem than ever.

Thats where Daniel White comes in, who runs Integrated Way. This is a service based in the expat area created specifically for the expat community. Daniel works with men, women, groups and couples to overcome specific issues. He also works with anyone who simply feels they could be getting more out of life. Basically he combines traditional psychotherapy with life coaching, hence the Integrated Way.

Many professionals located in Hong Kong travel around China and other parts of Asia. Therefore he also offers online sessions, usually conducted over Skype. Daniel is British and studied psychology in Colorado, USA. He also keeps in touch with international client via Skype too. If you think that counselling or life coaching sessions could help you then contact Integrated Way on the counselling website

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