Monday, December 2, 2013

Make Xmas Day More Bearable with a HD Fireplace Video

Xmas day is something we all look forward too but things can get a bit dull when you run out of things to say to those family members you only see occasionally. This year I’ve found the perfect solution to keep things festive… a fireplace video.

Uscenes creates fireplace videos for use on any TV or computer screen. There are others that do them but I like the quality of Uscenes’ videos. Also they provide 3 formats rather than just one so everyone should have a device at least one will work on.

The fireplace videos all come in a pack which includes a 20 minute MP4 video, a Windows screensaver and an Apple screensaver. The MP4′s can be played through a media player or burned to disc. I have actually been doing both; I use Plex to play them through my Roku at home and then I burn them to DVD when visiting friends. On Xmas day I will hopefully be making things more bearable at my parents house this year by playing a fireplace video on their DVD player and letting it repeat all day.

The cost is great value at $5 but they can be bought cheaper if buying more than one, for example you can add 3 files to your shopping basket then enter the code “uscenes” when checking out to get one of them for free.

You can check out my current favourite from their collection below.

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