Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Considering Baby Swimming Lessons

As a first time parent I have recently been considering baby swimming lessons. It is quite a daunting thing because of safety issues. I did a bit of Googling and Youtubing and that soon put my mind at ease. It seems that babies love swimming and they are naturally comfortable in water.

I asked around but no friends had any recommendations for lessons so I checked the local baths. I found the right lesson provider by searching Google. I just typed in swimming lessons for children Stretford. You would just replace the Stetford part with your town or city. Anyway I settled on a friendly provider, who has been great.

We have been to 3 lessons so far and it had been quite an experience. Young Jessie has loved every minute of it, after a bit of a shock for the first minute or two. So if you are on the fence about taking your child to lessons, don’t worry. Just find a popular local service and they will put your mind at ease. I know Jessie will be getting a good head start and at the same time a lot of enjoyment.

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