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Classic Words Review – Android Game

I have always been the anxious type like my mother who seemed to worry constantly about the smallest things. It must be something that is passed on through the genes as I have often struggled too. From fear of social situations, to almost getting panic attacks when driving over a high bridge, there have always been situations that have got me stressed out. Over the years I have applied various techniques to keep things under wraps…

Firstly I use logic whenever I feel that nervous feeling approaching. It is so simple and so very effective. You just need to rationalise thoughts. Thinking logically has helped me in other areas of life too like using more common sense at work. Anxiety causes thoughts to become less clear, so just taking a moment to step back and think things through really helps. Obviously in real “pressure cooker” situations there isn’t time to take a moments leave, but in generally just trying to think more logically has really helped.

Second of all is facing your fears. This one is easier said than done but the rewards are amazing. Fear of heights? Go rappelling. Scared of the dentist? Just get in there and remember that logically it is stupid to be afraid. For a while I drove over the bridge that used to freak me out on purpose and now I barely get a shortness of breath. You need to face fears head on to combat them and once they are beaten you get the great feeling. It is like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you feel free to enjoy life more.

Thirdly I have found that self hypnosis can work a treat. This is where you listen to a man or woman’s voice as they guide you into a relaxed state. Then they will help you to overcome your issue.  The CD I bought is this one and it has helped me to keep calm in everyday life and in the most intense situations. It works by implanting helpful messages into your subconscious mind when you are in a very relaxed state. I immediately felt the benefits and find that the occasional listen helps me stay on top of things.

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Classic Words Review – Android Game
I recently bought a nice big phablet which is an oversized smartphone, but not quite big enough to be a tablet. So I decided to check out the Google Play store and download some new games. I started with the free ones of course. You will often find free versions have less features and in-game adverts. Anyway I opted for Classic Words which is basically scrabble. I have been enjoying it so much that I decided to write a Classic Words review.

I’m not a big scrabble fan so I was expecting this to be a boring game. Two weeks after downloading it I can safely say that I am hooked on it. I must be playing it for 2 hours a day. It is ideal for little breaks from work, on the bus or in a taxi or just filling the time when you are waiting around.

Classic Words has a simple layout which you will easily be able to use if you have played scrabble before. Everything feels just right to me. There are no glitches and not once have I thought “I wish it had this” or “I don’t like this feature”. It is a really clean and solid game. By that I mean there is no issues at all, gameplay is really smooth.

It keeps a tab on your stats which is nice, for example the number and percentage of victories. You can choose difficulty level and what I like about this is that there is more than just easy, medium and hard. You can also select whether the AI (computer) is prevented from using really rare words. You can also select whether to have luck with the draws which gives you a better balance of letters. I’ve just turned the latter off today and it is getting more difficult but more realistic.

One of the best things about Classic Words is that it shows definitions when the computer plays a word. You can also select any word on the board at any time and get a definition. This is great and really helps to stop that guilty feeling I often get when playing games. It actually feels likeI am learning something with Classic Words. You can also select which dictionary to use so I was delighted to have the larger SOWPODS selected as I’m a Brit.

Anyway this is a highly recommended game free. The ads aren’t a problem and I now almost completely ignore them. You can pay to have an ad-free version or get the free one here . One more thing, I’ve not found an app which lists SOWPODS two and three letter words so just printed them out. I recommend you do the same as it is good to try and learn them.

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