Thursday, April 11, 2013

Best Places To Get A Job Abroad

Recently I’ve been thinking about emigrating. The weather and poor economy have made me wonder if the grass really is greener abroad. So I did a little research online and found these options:

1. Hong Kong

This is a great place to live because it has a very high standard of living and plenty of international companies are based in Hong Kong. If you work for a global company then this is one of the places best to request a transfer to. Hong Kong is next to China and close by to many other Asian countries. So it is good for business and travel. Financially I’ve heard things can get tight if you don’t have a good income. House prices can be very high but there are cheaper residential areas on the outskirts such as Discovery Bay and South Lantau. Both of these are on Lantau Island which is closer to the airport and Disneyland in case you have kids.

An expat friend who has been there for 5 years loves the place. He lives in the main expat area where property prices are highest. But he loves it and so did I when I visited. The bars and restaurants are excellent and there is a really cool community of expats. He runs a counselling practice for expats who seek psychotherapy and doesn’t have any plans of leaving. I don’t blame him as Hong Kong seemed very impressive on my short visit.

2. Australia and New Zealand

Many Brits go to these two countries because of the similar culture and easy to get work visas. Australia is warmer for those who want better weather, whereas New Zealand has better scenery for those who love outdoor pursuits. Lots of Brits go there to travel and work for a year, many then decide to stay on. These are ideal options if you are happy with casual work and want to travel around.

3. Japan

For those who really want a change of scenery Japan is a good option. The country has an excellent standard of living and fascinating culture. The language barrier can be a problem so you would need to live in an expat area. I have a friend who has lived in Japan for over 5 years and he still hasn’t learned Japanese. He loves the place though and has no plans to leave.

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