Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lone Worker Protection Devices

Organisations whose employees work alone are becoming increasingly aware of their legal duties toward their staff and that is why more and more employers are looking to buy lone worker protection devices. The number of people who work alone that are being attacked or abused is rising and the risk can come from members of the public or the environment. Businesses that have staff members who are expected to work alone could benefit greatly from making contact with specialists in this field. These specialized groups are able to offer advice and support to people who work on their own, in some cases staff who work on their own may need to undergo training or they may need to use a lone worker device.

These devices are very similar to the panic buttons that are placed in banks and stores and when they are worn by people who work alone they can offer peace of mind for both employee and employer. These devices are small and they are worn on the body, if the worker is under threat or in danger they can raise the alarm, in many cases the alarm call goes straight through to the local police. These devices offer superb protection for those who work in remote areas or outdoors.

A lone worker protection device works like a tracker, when the panic button is activated it can show where the worker is and track any further movement. Many of these devices work even if the worker has lost consciousness; the non-movement alarm then activates itself. The lone worker protection act states that all employers must provide security for their employees so these devices are invaluable. If you are an employer who has staff that work alone and you want to provide them with adequate protection then consider arming them with some form of protection.

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