Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting my roof cleaned and coated

This is my personal experience that I wanted to share with everyone when I recently decided it was time to get my roof cleaned and coated with a protective sealant. My house is around 18 years old and the roof has completely changed colour over the years. It was a shade or orange, up until recently it was a dark grey colour. I saw a photo from when I first moved into the property all those years ago and the one thing that stuck out compared to nowadays was the roof. The walls looked the same, the garden and driveway looked similar, but the roof tiles were completely different. They looked terrible. I simply hadn’t thought about it before.

So I started asking around and found that most people were also not really taking notice of this part of their house. Next I searched online and found Sale Exterior Cleaning and a few other companies. I got 4 quotes as I like to judge the different prices for something I know nothing about. One company who shall remain nameless were shockingly expensive, the other were quite similar. Sale Exterior Cleaning’s representative impressed me so I went with them.

They put up scaffolding and then jet washed the titles. This is certainly not a DIY job as it is quite dangerous. They needed safety equipment to get themselves and the machine up there. They soon cleaned off the grime and it was looking much better. Then they coated the roof tiles with a special sealant. I’m not sure exactly what it does but they said it would stop it from getting dirty as quickly in future. Anyway The colour is now great and I recommend other get this done. My house looks like new. My company just operate in Manchester, if you are in the area I can vouch for them, see their site at Roof Cleaning Cheshire.

update July 2014:
I needed to get my driveway cleaned and decided to give it a try myself. It is quite a boring job but at least it gave me some time to think lol. Anyway I gave Sale Exterior Cleaning a call and they pointed me to their eco friendly driveway sealer page. I got a really high quality sealant which was easy to apply.

update September 2014:
I have now been informed that the company offers a Manchester gutter cleaning service. This will be very helpful as I hate having to go up the ladder myself to do it. We have a tree at the back of the house which drops loads of leaves into the gutter so this will be a big help next time it needs doing. I expect it will be a reasonable rate like the rest of their work.

update June 2015:
Yet again I have used this company, who have had a re-branding to Sale Exterior Cleaning and a new and improved website. The roof still looks very similar to when it was cleaned, I am confident it will last a long time.

This time I wanted my block paved drive cleaned. The price seemed very reasonable, I got another quote which was much higher. The cleaning was done on one day and then re-sanding and sealing two days later, this is to ensure the joints are fully dry so the sand drops down to the bottom of the joints. Anyway it  looks as good as new so I recommend this company yet again: Driveway Cleaning Cheshire.

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